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manage url redirects using redirect module in drupal 8 - about ivan zugec ivan is the founder of web wash and spends most of his time consulting and writing about drupal he s been working with drupal for 10, drupal core gates drupal org - core changes must pass through a series of gates to ensure their quality is up to standards gates are essentially checklists that can be used to evaluate a patch, drupal vs wordpress compared pros and cons 2018 - installation before you can start building a site with wordpress or drupal you have to install the cms of your choice although both feature quick installation, siteground step by step tutorials - to help you build better and more successful websites and to manage your web hosting account easier we ve created a set of step by step tutorials on this, install python module using a zip file stack overflow - i have downloaded a zip file from here but i don t know how to install it and then use it in my python 2 7 they said it supports both python 2 and 3 using command, installing drupal 8 on windows and sql server drupal on - this post explains how to install drupal 8 on internet information services iis and ms sql server using php7 with advanced performance settings it is aimed at, drupal tutorial drupal 8 beginner to advanced in 8 - learn latest drupal 8 tutorial hands on with complete real life examples bonus assignments tips tricks and pitfalls, wordpress vs joomla vs drupal which one is better - looking for an open source cms for your next site take a look at our comparison of wordpress vs joomla vs drupal with pros and cons, wordpress vs joomla vs drupal comparison websitesetup - in this cms comparison we compare three major cms wordpress vs joomla vs drupal which of them is the best for you read more to find out, python importerror no module named requests stack - requests is not a built in module does not come with the default python installation so you will have to install it osx linux use sudo pip install requests if, installing and using joomla template created artisteer - installing joomla template to install an exported and zipped template via the joomla administration panel in joomla 2 5 please do the following, flip pdf professional convert pdf to flipbook and embed - flip pdf professional lets you convert pdf to multimedia embedded page flip ebook including video audio links images buttons printing shapes text flash and, microsoft windows install updates and restart instead - i see this is an older question but it s now possible to install updates and then reboot using powershell specifically you need to download and install the windows